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    The Rooke Boot family of products are known for their natural warmth and vasodilatation with increased Tcp02’s, combined with off-loading of the heel to provide excellent protection to patients undergoing PTA’s, FEM-Pop or distal revascularization.  The Boots are also well suited for patients that are non-surgical candidates but need assistance healing foot ulcers.  Additions the product line are the Rooke BKA Rigid Protector with Soft Interface which maintains the limb in a neutral extended position to reduce risk of flexion contracture; the Rooke Soft AFO helps maintain Dorsiflexion; the Rooke Breeze similar to the Rooke HFS Boot, however it's ventilated to maintain optimal temperature for patient comfort, and our Rooke Mitt for Raynaud’s and Steal Syndrome.

    The Rooke HFS Boot; the best choice for providing excellent offloading of the heel while naturally warming the limb. 

    Indications for Use:

    • Lower extremity ischemic wounds & existing pressure ulcers
    • Spinal cord injury
    • Ventilator dependent
    • Low Braden scores
    • Therapeutic hypothermia

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