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    Howell Schorr
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    Michael Mohring
    Chief Operating Officer
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    Thomas Calagna
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  • ComfortFit Orthotic Labs

    246 Columbus Ave., Roselle, NJ 07203 United States

    About Us

    ComfortFit Orthotic Labs offers a unique approach to foot orthotics. By leading the industry in customer service, quality craftsmanship, reasonable prices, and technical advancement, we are proud of who we are, what we manufacture, and the role we play in meeting your patient’s needs. The word comfort in ComfortFit not only means comfortable orthotics, but the comfort of knowing that our lab will always strive to be a leader.

    We offer high quality custom made orthotics at flat rate prices including accommodations, modifications, choice of top-cover and shipping. ComfortFit Labs is a Richie Brace partner. We also sell Medicare approved diabetic shoes and insoles, pre-fabricated orthotics, Night Splints, Walkers and our Stabilizer Brace. We now offer our “SmartScan” foot and ankle scanning technology that combines Technology, Accuracy, and Craftsmanship. Our doctors also have the ability to order our products 24/7 on-line using our Dr. Log-In services with new e-mail services that provide "received and shipped" order details.

    Product Information

    With over one million pairs of custom orthotics shipped, we would like to be your lab of choice. We offer flat-rate pricing on all of our custom orthotics including all additions/modifications, choice of one of 8 top covers and free shipping inbound and outbound. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all orthotic shells and 100% money back patient compliance orthotic guarantee. Our iPad based digital Scanning System powered by iTOM-CAT and FusiForm can be used for all orthotics, braces diabetic shoes
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