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    About Us

    Sole Supports Inc, is a privately-owned and operated company, founded by, Edward S. Glaser, DPM, in 1992. We are dedicated to providing a 100% Custom Calibrated Foot Orthotic. Dr. Glaser studied mechanical engineering at SUNY Stony brook, and went on to receive his doctorate in podiatric medicine at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. This is not a common pathway for a podiatrist, but it turned out to be just the right exposure for a future foot biomechanist. Dr.Glaser defied the odds and developed his own successful practice over thirteen years. Yet he chose to walk away from that success in order to be the first to challenge over thirty years of orthopedic conventions with his revolutionary MASS Posture Theory. With the founding of Sole Supports in 1992, Dr. Glaser made his life's mission a reality: "We make people better".

    Sole Supports™ is an industry innovator, engineering orthotics using the MASS ('Maximum Arch Supination Stabilization') Posture Theory. Our core value is "We Make People Better". We realize healthy, functional feet are literally the foundation for a healthy body and an active life.

    MASS Posture Theory is a unique look at managing foot biomechanics from an engineering perspective, an all axis model of foot biomechanics, based on the individuals' idealized gait, published in the Foot and Ankle Foundation Online Journal.

    MASS Posture Orthotics are calibrated plastic leaf springs in the shape of patients foot held in its most functional posture. This allows the application of an even corrective force at the beginning of the Range of Motion, before the pathologic motion occurs, preventing postural collapse. It necessitates the passage of weight through the foot in as close to an ideal gait cycle as possible while simultaneously evenly distributes plantar force.

    To learn why we are different go to: Sole Supports MASS Posture Orthotics: Calibrated Leaf Springs and the Gait Cycle.

    Product Information

    Utilizing MASS Posture Theory, the Sole Support provides a full contact, truly custom fit, tailored for each patient to oppose forces that lead to pathology. Each shell is 100% custom molded, using no prefabricated approximations. The heel cup provides a substantial 10 mm of height, to properly distribute forces to the medial and lateral arches.
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