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  • Brooks Sports, Inc.

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    Brooks is a team of passionate people united by a desire to do meaningful work, lead healthy lives and make a difference. We share a focused mission: to inspire everyone to run and be active. That’s it. No distractions - it’s all about running, walking and being active. Through science, creativity, service, authenticity and connection, we obsess over delivering the best running and walking gear on the planet. We do it our way, with our unique spirit, with a goal of being more relevant to runners and walkers than any other brand, day after day and mile after mile. We are determined to innovate, challenging ourselves to lead thought at every turn. Inside these walls and on the roads, tracks and trails, we live and breathe Run Happy, celebrating the positive impact running has on our lives and others. We inject it into all we do because it makes everything better, smarter, more fun and more memorable. Our company culture defines us, bonds us together and creates the conditions for success. It is lived daily as a behavioral expression of our collective set of brand values: Serve People, Lead Thought, Play As a Team, Compete Every Day, Demonstrate Integrity, Have Fun and Be Active.

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