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    Koven Technology, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of vascular instruments for the diagnosis and management of vascular disease.  Our goal is to deliver save and effective medical devices to improve patient care and office efficiency.


    Koven is dedicated to the early assessment of lower extremity vascular disease.  We know that early diagnosis means a higher probability of limb and digit survival and we are long-standing supporters of the podiatric community because the podiatrist is the first line of defense in the diagnosis and management of unsuspected lower extremity vascular disease. Since 1981, Koven has been providing quality Doppler systems to the Podiatric community for use in Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) monitoring and diagnosis.


    Koven offers a wide range of Doppler systems for vascular arterial and venous studies such as ABI's, segmental pressures, pulse volume arterial studies, PPG toe pressures, and venous reflux.  Koven Dopplers are available in a wide variety of styles from simple hand-held units to complete vascular testing systems and offer customizable options to meet a variety of needs.


    Koven products are widely used throughout the US and Canada.  We have developed an outstanding reputation for providing durable, reliable Doppler systems.  We are constantly working to improve our existing products and develop new technology to better meet the needs of our customers.


    Product Information

    APMA Buyers Guide Smartdop XT Description The Smartdop XT by Koven is a fully automated vascular testing system that enables rapid multiple level bilateral studies in minutes. The Smartdop XT features single-button automated operation and easy to use windows based operating software which easily integrates into your existing EHR or PACs system. Quickly and easily performs ABI’s, TBI’s, Segmental Pressures, venous reflux, and post exercise arterial studies. Also features a custom test screen