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    Cara Negri CP, MSEd, FAAOP
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    7525 NW 4th Blvd Suite 80, Gainesville, Florida 32608 United States

    About Us

    Our mission is to make video an easy to use, standard part of patient care.

    PnO Data Solutions helps healthcare professionals use video for proving outcomes. Our parent company, the Tarn Group has developed video software for over 20 years for the athletic coaching industry. PnO Data Solutions is a brand dedicated to helping rehabilitation professionals to use video analysis and gait analysis. The company focuses on creating practical solutions with powerful outcomes. Very low investment for equipment is necessary to get started using our cloud-based software.

    Our main product, PnO, is our cloud-based software, but desktop software is also available. With all the software options you can:

    • Capture video with any device (phone, tablet, camera)
    • Measure angles and speed
    • Document using our reports templates
    • Prove outcomes with research-based gait scores
    • Collaborate with colleagues for dynamic discussions
    • Justify your clinical decisions with data
    • Share your reports and analysis with security

    Product Information

    With PnO Data software, you have access to video motion analysis tools to create reports or conduct a quick analysis from your phone or tablet to show a concept to a patient, PT, or physician or to add to the patient record. Click the link below to receive 20% off your order.
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