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    Amy Ham
    Customer Service
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    Michelle Bliszack
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    Mickey Endreszl
    Northeast Regional Account Manager
    (248) 977-8324 | email
    Kerri Gualtieri
    Midwest Regional Account Manager
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    Beth Peter
    Southeast Account Sales Director
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  • Safe n Simple

    5827 Terex Ave, Clarkston, MI 48346 United States

    About Us

    Safe n Simple is a medical innovator, specializing in the promotion of healthy skin, complete security and confident ostomy and wound care management. We view our product development through the eyes of our customers, who want active, productive lives unimpeded by their conditions. We follow two overriding principles: create innovative high-performing products, and deliver the greatest possible value. We continually push our technicians to develop better ideas, more advanced formulations and superior products, while at the same time making those products convenient and affordable.

    Our brand of Simpurity Wound Care products offered: Collagen pads and particles, Alginates, Fibergels, Silver Alginates, Silver Fibergels, Various Foams, Silicone Foams, Hydrocolloids, Hydrogels, Silicone and Plastic Tapes, Gauzes and Wound Care Kits.