• Ever wonder how other healthcare professionals feel about themselves and their patients? Read the results.

    Practice Management November 1, 2019

    At some point in our lives, each of us made career decisions that helped change the landscape of our daily practice patterns. We may have learned from previous experiences and want to advise others or even ourselves moving forward. Have you ever wondered how other healthcare professionals in the same practice setting feel about themselves, their patients, and their families? It is likely that other practices share the same successes and struggles that you and your office may be experiencing.

    Physicians and healthcare providers working in independent practices managed over 61 million patient encounters using the Practice Fusion EHR in 2018. These encounters happened across the United States, in urban and rural communities, and represent an essential portion of patient visits nationally. Practice Fusion believes that better understanding of the perspectives, practice patterns, and concerns of our customers is a critical component to our success. We conducted this survey to provide healthcare stakeholders insight into the Practice Fusion community of healthcare providers, who are mostly practicing independently, in private practice, and are a critical part of the healthcare ecosystem. We also take the opportunity to compare certain sentiments and perspectives of the Practice Fusion community in this survey with other recent surveys representing a broader national base of physicians. Practice Fusion is distributing the survey findings to help other healthcare professionals understand how a subset of independent physicians feel compared to the national average.

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